Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The internet: a harbour of stupidity

The internet is one of the funniest concepts to ever be implemented into society. I remember when I took Music 103, Introduction to Popular Music, and we were learning about Napster (what a class). There was a derivation in the lecture about how the internet was started. The notes I took from that class don't talk specifically about the origins of the internet, but I paid attention during the lecture. The internet was basically started in the early 1990s so that universities could share information with one another.

Al Gore either said he invented the internet, or they said it on South Park

One of the biggest things to come from the internet was the concept of "file sharing". Through "file sharing", people could do literally that, which was sharing files. Whether it be a Microsoft Word document or an MP3 file, a file was a file was a file. There were a couple people who got pissed off at this: Dr. Dre and Metallica.

They tried to sue Napster, a file sharing service, and won. I'm not sure what happened from there, but whatever they did, they sure didn't do a very good job of it. Spin-offs of Napster soon started springing up everywhere, like Bearshare and Limewire. As far as I know these programs haven't been shut down yet so way to go guys.
The doctor is in

When I was just a young scrapper I used the internet for two things: MSN Messenger (which has now been replaced by fb chat (actually)), and downloading as much shitty music as I could off the programs mentioned above (like Papa Roach's Lovehatetragedy album...who am I?). But now, I have a new interest in the internet, thanks mostly to one Keiran George, AKA josh_uk.

josh_uk goes onto a site like Youtube every so often and starts a flaming war, for no reason whatsoever. For example, on a video about hockey, josh_uk can be found writing comments such as "America is so fucked...guess thats what happens when u put 300mil inbred hicks in a country". Of course, josh_uk is assumed to be British. After all, his username has _uk at the end of it. The responses that come from this are hilarious, as people will begin to lay into josh_uk, writing things such as how Britain would have been fucked in WWII if the Americans didn't save their asses, or other examples such as this.

The point is, josh_uk has given me insight into my new use for the internet: provoking idiots. I have been going onto Facebook's "Official Calgary Flames Hockey Club" fan page, and writing down the stupidest suggestions I could think of, in an attempt to see if people would actually pay attention to me. What follows are my first two attempts at this degenerate behavior:

My suggestion to hire Mike Keenan as General Manager didn't go over too well. I also came up with a hell of a trade for the team:

Looks like Chris Yul didn't get the joke. I hope he reads this.

Anyways, I can see this getting very out of control by the time I get really into finals, as I'm going to be bored and pissed off in general. Its no josh_uk level of destruction yet, but don't doubt me. Feel free to join me on the fan page and harass idiots.

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